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Covered Garbage Regulations

Residents are advised that the Town of Massey Drive Covered Garbage Regulations will be temporarily suspended until May 1, 2017. We appreciate everyone's cooperation in implementing the new regulations. However, due to the risk of nets, tarps, etc getting lost in snow and potentially causing damage to the town's and resident's snow blowers, garbage is no longer required to be covered at curbside. In fact we request that residents not cover their garbage other than in covered containers until the regulations come into effect agin in the spring. 

Posted: Dec 21, 2016 2:57 pm NFLD

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Town of Massey Drive

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Country Living At It's Best

From humble beginnings as a cabin and farming area, Massey Drive has grown into a vibrant community of 1,500 residents, and has become one of the fastest growing communities in Newfoundland.

Nestled amongst the hills overlooking the Bay of Islands and the City of Corner Brook, the town of Massey Drive has become a very popular residential area for both young and old, and many outdoor enthusiasts who make their home here.

The abundant availability of hiking and snowmobile trails, snowshoeing, swimming at Tippings Pond, fishing, hunting, kayaking & canoeing are just a few activities at your fingertips.

The adventures of downhill skiing and zip-lining are minutes away at Marble Mountain in the beautiful, nearby town of Steady Brook.

Our close proximity to the City of Corner Brook allows residents easy access to schools, hospital, shopping malls & indoor recreation facilities.

Massey Drive delivers country comfort with city convenience.

Andrew Connors - 25 Years of Service

The town of Massey Drive congratulates Andrew Connors on 25 years of volunteer firefighting.

All the Members of the Massey Drive Fire Department would like to congratulate Andrew Connors for serving 25 years as a volunteer firefighter. Andy is the third resident of our Town to mark this significant achievement in the Department's 32 year history. Andy joined the fire department in 1981 and has held officer positions of Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief and Chief for from 2004-2012.

On behalf of the Fire Department and Town Council, we greatly appreciate your years of service to providing fire and emergency services protection to the Town and its residents.

Fire Chief,
Wayne Giles

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Snow Clearing FAQ's

How much equipment does the town have and how much does it cost?

The town currently has one salt/sand truck equipped with a blade and side wing. One loader with bucket, snow basket, and blade and wing attachments. We also have one large snowblower attachment that mounts to the loader and a back-up salt/sand spreader mounted in the town's 4x4 pick up truck.

The town's annual operating budget for snow clearing averages about $150,000.00

Why does the plow keep coming by when the snow has stopped?

Often times the plowing of snow from the streets is done in several stages. The first stage is usually to keep the main section of the road open so vehicles can travel safely. The next stage would involve pushing the snow back to widen the road as much as possible. If snowfall continues then plowing will continue also.

When do the town's snow clearing regulations and on street parking ban come into effect?

The town's snow clearing regulations are in effect from November 1 to April 30 of the succeeding year. During that period onstreet parking is not permitted between the hours of midnight and 8 AM or any time during a heavy snow fall or for 12 hours after. Residents moving their vehicles onto the road in order to clear their driveways is acceptable but are expected to move their vehicle to allow the plow to pass.

What hours do the town's snow clearing equipment operate?

The town's snow clearing equipment is regularly scheduled to operate with at least one piece of equipment on at all times from 5 AM to midnight 7 days per week. Weather conditions sometimes dictate work outside these normal hours and in those situations hours may be extended or reduced.

If I have nowhere to throw my snow can it be placed on the road or push it across the street onto the adjacent snow bank?

No. Pushing or placing in any way snow onto a road reserve, as well as around fire hydrants, is a violation of the town's snow clearing regulations. Pushing or scooping snow across the street or in front of the existing snow bank on the side of the road is in fact on the road and not permitted. It poses a safety hazard to both motorists and pedestrians and results in the plow depositing additional snow in the next driveway along the street.

Why do residents on corner lots get more snow from the plow than others on the street?

Residents on corner lots, or the first driveway to the right of an intersection, usually have more snow deposited on their property and in their driveway. The plow is usually carrying more snow on its blade in these areas then along straight sections where it is periodically deposited into driveways. When a plow reaches the end of a street it often keeps right and deposits the snow on the corner lot. A corner lot will often receive snow from both streets it is adjacent to.

When does the town decide to use the snowblower?

When the widening of the streets by means other than plows becomes necessary and weather conditions permit the town utilizes a snowblower attachment on its loader to widen streets. We focus on the heavier traffic areas first if necessary and school bus routes.

Why does the snow blower blow snow onto my property?

It would be far too time consuming and costly to blow snow into trucks and deposit in other locations. The snowblower blows snow onto lawns and into peoples yards but not in driveways. If snow is inadvertently deposited into someones driveway by the blower town staff will clean it up.

Will the town remove snow from my driveway if there is too much or the pieces are too heavy to remove?

The town will not remove snow from driveways deposited through the normal course of snow clearing. However, sometimes the plow or snowblower will cause excessively large chunks of hard frozen snow to break away and fall into peoples driveways. In cases like this residents can contact the town manager who will assess the situation and decide whether or not it warrants having town staff remove the snow.




Posted: Nov 28, 2016 11:23 am NFLD